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LABELMAN TECH is a leading engineering solution Provider in Mineral Water, Soft drinks & Beverage field. And Manufacturing of all automatic BOPP ROLL FEED LABELLING MACHINE, SHRINK WRAPPING MACHINE, STICKER LABELLING MACHINE.

LABELMAN TECH has a unified process engineering approach offering the Right solution keeping the costs down without loosing on the standards and associated values. We have designed the plant as per your requirement.

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The BOPP LABELER MACHINE separate one label from the roll, puts glue to the label, and applies it accurately to your product. The BOPP LABELER is the perfect machine for any high volume HotMelt Glue labelling projects that requires the application of plastic label to a cylindrical container. With labelling speeds up to 120 BPM, the BOPP LABELER delivers high speed, cost effective labelling solution for any high volume line. Another great feature of this machine is the fast and easy changeover. Its quick change capability allows for 15–30 minute changeovers requiring only a single tool. Less downtime means more production.

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Label Dimension : Length Min 125 mm Max 400mm
Length Min 125 mm Max 400mm
Container Dimension : Diameter Min 50 mm Max 150mm
Height Min 50 mm Max 350mm
Capacity : 60 BPM to 300 BPM
Conveyor Height : Adjustable 900 mm to 1050 mm at conveyor table top
Conveyor Length : Single conveyor extends from in-feed to discharge 3 mtr length in total
Electrical Requirement : 440V / 3-Phase
Air Requirement : 80 PSI, 3C FM , 1/2’’ NP Pipe
Basic Construction : -
Guarding : Main Frame with Stainless Steel Pipe
Hot Melt System : Recalculating continues Flow
Low Air Pressure Safety Lubrication : Centralized Manual
Control Station : Centralized
Main Drive System : 3 HP AC Variable Speed
Vacuum System : Blower Type Vacuum pump
Frequency Drive : Danfoss / Delta Drive
Servo System : Label Feeding with Servo Controller
Connected load 9 KW ( For Glue Heating) After That Running load is 4.5KW, 415 + /- 10%, 50Hz +/- 3% phase, Neutral & Earth.
Fully automation Hotmelt glue roller labelling machine.
Easy to maintain & easy to apply glue in the Label.
Inbuilt transformer Available for power savings and Fluctuation.
Simple and compact in design.
No Bottle, No Label Mechanism Avoids any wastage of labels.
Inverted drive uses for AC Motors.
3 Phase Electric Supply.
6 to 8 Kg Air pressure.
Stabilizer will be provided by you to avoid voltage Fluctuation.
External civil work for commissioning of the Machine.

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Our total engineering solutions are from building layout to sourcing all equipment for your project. We together with our partners and associates help you size the right model and capacity for your plant, bringing together considerable experience to a single place.


A dedicated team of qualified engineers are there to assist you at anytime, anywhere in the world through online or onsite intervention by highly skilled technicians and engineers. They ensure your plant runs smoothly and continuously.


A team of engineers in the spares parts department and a huge inventory of ready original spares parts and technical upgrades to maintain and enhance your machine’s operational efficiency.


After 2 years of free service & warranty, you can go for service Contract in AMC Mode (Annual Maintenance Contract) Cost will depends on machines.

Particulars Make
Machine Structure, Conveyor and door will be make with Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel
PLC CPU Used with High Speed input and out-put Trio / Delta
Operating Panel with 7” Touch Screen colored Touch Screen. Schneider / Delta
Servo Motor /Drive Use for Label Feeding and synchronized with main machine speed. Schneider / Delta
AC Drive used for machine speed Control and Power Saving. Schneider / Delta
Sensor /Encoder used of high Quality Sick-India / Panasonic
Pneumatic system /cylinder Genetics / Techno
Glue System used with automatic speed and temperature controlled as per requirement. SS Tank
ON Line Slate Chain Conveyor Transfer. Stainless Steel
AC Motor. Bonvorio / Rotomotive
Electrical Control Panel will be Separate. Stainless Steel
Three Phase to Single Phase Transformer for safety of fluctuation. 4 KW
Air Flow Control with Rota- meter with multi valve. Genetics / Techno
Bottle transfer Section & Side Guide. SS & Backlight sheet
Glue Tank covered With heat Safety equipment & SS Sheet. SS Tank
Colored Touch Screen Display. Schneider / Delta
Heating System Controlled With PID Controllers. Schneider / Delta
Capacity : 40 to 120 BPM
Size of the bottle : 200ML. To 2.0 L. Bottles, with change parts for each
Air Required : 300 Ltr. per minute at 5 kg / cm2 pressure
Conveyor working height : 1050 + - 50 mm
Size (L X B X H) : 2100 X 1600 X 2000 mm
Total Electrical Power : 7.5 KW
Vacuum System : Blower Type Vacuum pump
Following Set of change parts is required for each additional size of bottle, depending upon the diameter & height of bottle.
Label pasting will be better then Pneumatic control System.
Operator requirement:- 1semi-skilled operator is enough to operate the machine.
No Maintenance Charges up to 5 Years for glue roll system Machines.


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The Complete base frame of the machine is made of SS 304 Square Pipes & Sheet. The Center Column assemble & start housing of the machine is also made of SS 304 the Filling Value are as per international Standard the Speed of machine controlled by siemens make variable frequency drive. the liquid level in the filler tank is automatically by electronic probe and pneumatic value. The electrical panel is also made of SS 304 Material.

This Machine is suitable for filling glass or pet bottles, From 0.2 lt. to 2.0 lt, bottles for products like mineral water non-corbonated / Carbonated soft drinks & soda etc. The conveyor for bottle transfer is also made of SS 304.

Auxialliaries Required:-








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Our filler capper are capable of handling carbonated beverages, still products, hot filled juices, milk, sauces and carbonated wines. Also we can make Liquid filling lines specially designed for the customer Product Variety. Our Filling valves are fast, hygienic with easy CIP for quick change over of flavours and sizes. Capping is with uniform torque, by precise magnetic clutches.



Whether it is hot melt, cold glue, pressure sensitive labels or sleeve, we can decorate your container with eye catching labels, that distinguishes your product from the competition. Single labels can be placed precisely at a particular point or multiple labels can be applied to the same package.



Bottles enter the machine on a multi chain conveyor, they are collated to the required matrix. A base corrugated board can be positioned below the bottles for additional stability. Film from a roll is cut, fed, and over wrap the bottles.

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Automatic shrink wrapping machine for water / Beverage bottle packing 200ml to 2000ml.
With adjusting Guide for Packing of Different size & Packing of bottle.
Single track Conveyor.
Motorized Feeder for Feeding of bottle.
Heat Srink Tunnel with Air Blower 6 to 8 Fit.
Heater Controlled with Temperature Controller as per Requirement.
Supply 3 Phase, 400 to 420 V.
Operating with Display Panel.
Air Required 5 to 10 Kg.
Particulars Make
Machine Structure, Conveyor and door will be make. Powder Coated MS Sheet
PLC CPU Used with High Speed input and out-put Delta
Operating Panel with 3.8” Touch Screen colored Touch Screen. Delta
AC Drive used for machine speed Control and Power Saving. Schneider / Delta
Pneumatic system /cylinder. Genetics / Techno
AC Motor. Bonvorio / Rotomotive
Electrical Control Panel will be Separate. Stainless Steel
Air Flow Control with Rota- meter with multi valve. Genetics / Techno
Bottle transfer Section & Side Guide. SS & Backlight sheet
Heating System Controlled With PID Controllers. Omron/GIC

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